Best Of The Last 30 Days

Hundreds, if not thousands, of incense rings burning at this temple. The rings were about 20 inches in diameter.  Photo taken from about 12 below the rings.

We are just now coming up on 30 days here in Hong Kong. It seems like a very short time. I wanted to share some of the best things we have encountered since we arrived.

  • Victoria Peak is just a mile away and when we hike to the top, you would never know you are in a big bustling city.  Beautiful trail, secluded and quiet, unbelievable views of the harbor and the city and lovely exotic vegetation.
  • Octopus Cards make life easy.  You just load that card at any Circle K (yes, Circle K like in the states) and you can use it on buses, subways, grocery stores, department stores, admissions to venues and much, much more!  No cash carrying required!
  • We like not having a car!!  Can’t believe how freeing it is to not worry about an auto.  The big plus is that walking helps with all the consumption of all the great food there is here to eat!
  • A subway ride costs about 65¢ US, and a taxi costs about $5 US to just about anywhere we need to go.  And a bus, tram or streetcar is about 45¢ US !  On top of that, you hardly ever wait for one to come by.  And, if you get on a bus and get lost, it is a cheap taxi ride home.  Or, you just stay on the bus until it comes round again!
  • There is a wonderful smell of incense coming from all the little and big altars that you find along the streets of Hong Kong. It is very soothing and pleasant.
  • There are lots of cats that you find running around the outdoor markets and sitting in small shops.  They are doing their job on the rodent population and in turn, they are being fed by lots of people.  I see little old men going out with dishes of cat food and water all the time.
  • The YWCA in Hong Kong does a lot of good work for women here and in China.  They also support newcomers, like myself, and domestic helpers that come from The Phillipines and Indonesia. I have met several very nice women and have leads on many interesting volunteer options.
  • Steve’s three-times-per week commute to Shenzhen in mainland China, takes just about 1 hour and 15 min.  Soon to be shorter when we receive our resident cards.  Wow!?  We’re going to be residents of Hong Kong!  Sounds pretty weird.
  • I can text home with no problem and Skype works great.
  • We have room for visitors.  Even though our new flat is pretty small, we have guest accommodations.  -xoJ