“Nothing says Easter like a trip to the monkey park!” Our first visitors to Hong Kong left just one week ago today. Jim and Marcia returned to Boise, ID wearing the special badge as our “first visitors to Hong Kong.” Put that in your Foursquare stats! They came with just one request, and that was to visit Kam Shan County Park in the New Territories to see the wild monkeys roaming freely. Easy enough, and we planned to fit it in on Easter Sunday.

Drinks at Sugar- Mar 2013

We made many a memory that week (besides visiting the monkey park). Starting with the fact that the Lyons arrived on the stormiest night we have had since our arrival in Hong Kong.  Thankfully, the storm paused long enough for them to make a safe and on-time arrival. The storm resumed later that night with pounding rain and so much lightning and thunder that the sky was white with light. Even though Hong Kong is experiencing an uncharacterically cool and wet March, we had many a moment of nice and dry times which made for an enjoyable week weather-wise.

At the  Ruins of St. Paul Church, Macau

At the Ruins of St. Paul Church, Macau

I did my research before Jim and Marcia arrived and came up with a pretty comprehensive plan. The List of everything we wanted to show, experience and eat was aggressive, and we managed to check off  a “Lyon’s share” of the items. Highlights included: the city-bus ride to Stanley; turbo jet ferry to Macau; the Ruins of St. Paul’s Church; rain and more rain; The Museum of Macau; a bright colored parade of umbrellas; a visit to our favorite Macau bakery; dim sum at the Lung Wah Tea House; taxi ride to Hac Sa beach; dinner at Fernando’s (accentuated by being inside to watch a gully-washer of a storm while we stayed warm and dry and well fed); a ride on the Star Ferry; rain and more rain; bus ride to the monkey park; Easter Sunday stroll through the monkey park; Easter supper at The Pawn; a visit to the Hong Kong film archive; a movie, A Fishy Tail, presented during the Hong Kong Film Festival; drinks at Sugar; dinner at Feast; breakfast buffet Hong Kong style (with wi-fi password) at the YWCA Garden Inn restaurant; checking in on Foursquare and Instagram; numerous photo ops; pursuit of the free wi- fi; walking through the Hong Kong Zoological Park and the Botanical Gardens; a trip on the Tram to The Peak; shopping for gifts; beef brisket noodles; a walk on The Peak trail; reading The Hungary Ghosts; wok-stir-fried dinner at our flat; visiting temples and cemeteries during Ching Ming; spiral incense; ash in the air from the burned offerings; spying a dog in Chuck Taylor’s; martinis; gin and tonics; Jenny Bakery cookies; Walled-City Park of Kowloon; a visit to the bird market; a visit to the flower market; navigating subways, taxi’s, buses, trails and hills. We even managed a nap or two in the midst of all this.

How about a pig knuckle or two? Dim Sum at Long Wah Tea House, Macau

How about a pig knuckle or two? Dim Sum at Long Wah Tea House, Macau

Bringing out the incense coils at Kun Iam Temple, Macau

Bringing out the incense coils at Kun Iam Temple, Macau

Marcia and Monkey- Mar 2013

“Say Cheese,” but don’t get any ideas. We don’t have any cheese! I’m not staring!!!

Our Monkey Friend- Mar 2013


Umbrellas of Macau- Mar 2013

Not icicles, just a good Macau gully washer.

Not icicles, just a good Macau gully washer.


Come out of the rain!

Come out of the rain! At Fernando’s.

What a delightful week it was. We so enjoyed showing off our new/temporary hometown. We are to so lucky to have such good friends that are willing to make the long journey to visit AND to bring a suitcase full of our requested US goods.Thanks Jim and Marcia! Thanks for the great memories. Thanks for being such great visitors! Thanks for your friendship; We love you guys! We loved the monkey park too!