Wok Wednesdays – Hakka-Style Stir-Fried Cabbage with Egg

Teh finished dish.

The finished dish-Hakka-Style Stir-Fried Cabbage with Egg.

This recipe comes from the fabulous cookbook by Grace Young, Stir-Frying to The Sky’s Edge page 204. It is part of the Wok Wednesdays project which can be found on Facebook.

Today, in Hong Kong and China, is the festival for Ching Ming (tomb sweeping day). Steve is home from work, and we just spent a great week touring our new hometown with our first visitors to Hong Kong. We both have spent the morning catching up on email, finishing an online course and trying to organize all the photos we have taken recently.

Luckily, I remembered that I needed napa cabbage for the Wok Wednesday recipe this week, and picked some up on my way through the wet market near our flat. I decided to make the Hakka-Style Stir-Fried Cabbage with Egg (this week’s Wok Wednesday recipe) for a brunch.

Washed, chopped and ready to stir-fry.

Washed, chopped and ready to stir-fry.

The ingredients are simple, and the stir-fry is quite easy and very quick once you complete the prep work.

Teh final stage, add the egg and stir-fry until egg is cooked and mixed through

The final stage, add the egg and stir-fry until egg is cooked and mixed through

This is great comfort food and perfect for a light meal. We had leftover stir-fried rice from an outing earlier this week, and it complimented the cabbage dish nicely. I would also do as the recipe recommended; serve with plain white rice.

I have really been enjoying the stir-fried cabbage dishes from all of Grace Young’s books. They are reminicent of the German-style wilted lettuce salads that my mom used to make with leaf lettuce, bacon drippings and vinegar. I did add a sprinkle of rice vinegar to my bowl of the Hakka-Style Cabbage. It was a nice compliment and enhanced the flavors. Steve added a bit of hot and spicy Indonesian sambal (homemade from our dear friend Ari). It was also an excellent compliment to the dish.

The Hakka people are known as the gypsies of Asia. Their histroy has been nomadic. Portable kitchens and quick meals with simple ingredients are characteristic of many Hakka-style dishes. If you would like to know more, see Grace Young’s notes on The Hakka Diaspora on page 102 of Stir-Frying to The Sky’s Edge. Also, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hakka_people for additonal information.





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