What does this sign mean?


Sign in the window of a KFC in Shenzhen

Sign in the window of a KFC in Shenzhen

Recently in Shenzhen, Steve came across this sign in the window of a KFC. Of the American fast food restaurants in China, KFC is very popular; however, you would never recognize the menu choices as the American KFC we know.  It made a big statement, so Steve snapped a photo.

We wondered what it could possibly be saying.  A big and strong fist coming at you. Steve thought it was maybe “fist bump” advertising that they were hiring. “Come be part of our team.” All I could see in it was the old Soviet propaganda posters. The simple graphics and colors.

Back at the Shenzhen office, Steve showed the photo and asked for translation. What it says is:

Strictly choose rest-assured chicken.
Science of cultivation, Without hormones.

What it means is that the chicken is safe. In the wake of the H7N9 virus and worries, they want you to continue eating their chicken.

I never would have got that from a big fist. I can only guess that it was used to catch your attention. That it did and apparently the message spoke to the clientele, because the restaurant was very busy with people eating an Asian-style version of the Colonel’s recipe.

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