Friday Night In Shenzhen

Steve made a fourth trip to Shenzhen this week with me.  The office invited us for a welcome dinner at a traditional Chinese Hot Pot restaurant.  Hot Pot is communal eating.  A boiling pot divided in two sections with one being mild and the other being spicy (quite spicy).

The start of the meal.

Generally the meal begins with meats; pork, beef, chicken, lamb, frog, cow stomach I and cow stomach II, cow esophagus, chicken feet and duck intestine.  This is then followed by many kind of vegetables; greens, melon, potato, fresh water chestnuts, cauliflower and mushrooms.

Everyone dives in to cook in the hot pot or take their favorite item. See the corn. We ate it with chopsticks!

I think the most fun was when the staff tried to explain the English name of all the animal parts that we were presented.  iPhones were consulted as they pointed on themselves where the organ would be.  It was a little like charades.  Steve was our diplomat trying all, but I abstained from all innards.  The veggies were terrific and the spice was peppery and addictive.

Preparing to cook the vegetables.

After asking about all the different items, we were told “in China, we just try everything even if we don’t know what it is and if you like it then it is good.”  A good time was had by all.

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