30 More Days And So Much More!

Mr. Ho’s Umbrella Repair

We have just about been in Hong Kong for eight weeks.  I can’t really believe it!  Everyday is a new adventure and something different to experience.

Some of of the best things in the last month:

  • I got my hair cut by a guy that looks identical to Edward Scissorhands.  He cuts hair really fast too!
  • The kids at Choi Hung school.
  • Mr Ho, the umbrella repair man.  Yes, he really repairs umbrellas and he can do it while you wait.  I wish my umbrella would break so I would have reason to stop by.
  • I know where Chai Wan, Sheung Wan, Choi Hung and Central are on a mental map, and I can actually get to them!
  • A brand new wok and all the new cooking adventures ahead.
  • I can really wear a sweater in Hong Kong.  I have actually been cold!
  • Sitting in a small restaurant for coffee and striking up a conversation with the people at the next table and finding out that they are from Portland, Or!  Who knows how many times our paths crossed in PDX, but they did for sure here in Hong Kong.   It is a small world.
  • The fabric and trimming shops at Sham Shui Po.
  • TV antennas on old buildings.
  • The wet markets in every neighborhood.  Buying produce and being given a little extra something to make a happy customer.
  • Never running out of things to do or places to explore.

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