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Welcome to our new place! Jing Tai Garden in the Mid-levels, Hong Kong. Last weekend, we made the move from our serviced flat to the permanent flat. It took just three trips with suitcases across the road to move and a delivery from IKEA.  It is amazing how large 840 sq ft feels when you don’t have much.  

We could see the permanent flat from the serviced flat.

24th Floor at the Lily serviced flats.

Steve waived at me.

I waived at Steve.


Our living-room-in-boxes arrived from IKEA.  Thankfully, everything fit in the very small lift.  If it had not, they would have carried it up the stairwell, and they charge by the floor.  16 floors would be a costly job, and the pay would be well deserved.  Even the mattress fit!

Assembler and shelves.

Here is the kitchen.  Not common to have an oven and an open space.

This flat was built in 1978 and renovated in the last two years.  We looked at so many places and this one was the best fit for us in terms of location and size.  We really wanted to be on a much lower floor, but this was the best we could do.

We have a little view of the hills behind from the kitchen.

Bedroom closet storage turned out to be plenty.

So, we are now set for the next two years.  It is a little uninteresting right now, but I am sure we fill it up with lovely finds and have too much to bring home.

By the way, we have a guest room.  Hong Kong in your future?

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