Happy Thanksgiving

Burning blessings on the street each morning. Offering thanks for the many blessings one has received.

Just a little touch of homesickness this week. Maybe because I have been reading some essays from the states with a Thanksgiving theme. Maybe it is because I like to cook. Maybe it is because I miss homemade Chex Mix made by my sister.  Maybe it is because we want to be there with Calvin and watch him eat mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans. Maybe it is because I oh-so-miss Kam, and I wish she could surprise us here with a visit like she did a few years back.  Maybe it is because I have been thinking of Thanksgivings past.  Maybe it is because I miss all the family and great friends and eating too much good home-cooked food and familiar family recipes and squabbles over preparation of food and the weather……rain in Oregon, sunshine in Phoenix, snow in Minneapolis and falling leaves in Boise.

Right before we left for Hong Kong, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our friends Bryan and Diana in Phoenix. Bryan says we “pre-gamed Thanksgiving.” We savored a bit of the essence of the holiday. Getting together with good friends and family and eating traditional American holiday food with a bit of a twist.

There is evidence of one part of the holiday in Hong Kong. One department store here, SoGo (I think it is a Japanese company) is having a sale which appears to be Black Friday on steroids, and it runs for an entire week. I have never seen such masses of people. My thankfulness on this event is that I could not even figure out how to buy anything, because there was quite a system of numbers and ques all in Chinese. Not to mention thousands of people looking for a good deal. We happened upon this event because we were out looking for a small trash pail, and someone thrust an 9 page event flyer into my hands. The only words in English were “Thankful Week.”

That is not the part of Thanksgiving I miss today.

Today Steve will go to the office. I am starting a new adventure teaching English to kindergartners at a local school. I also will enjoy a lunch with some new friends, and Steve and I will have a quasi Thanksgiving meal of turkey and a few cranberries together tonight. And, I don’t have to miss being thankful and reflecting on all that we have in our lives.  This year I am especially thankful for technology.  I can Skype with Kam and see Calvin and blog and email and text.  I guess we are savoring the essence of the holiday again, with a bit of a twist.

This is a Thanksgiving to count in the blessings column to be sure. -xoJ


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  1. Miss you and hope youare getting settled in well. I think Thanksgiving is the top sentimental holiday–almost unbearable…but focusing on the thanks part does help!

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