Everything you Need

This shop has everything you need and more.

In Hong Kong, one could select a different street everyday of the week to explore and find something interesting.  I doubt that we will ever be able to cover everything in our time here. This was a great find and a place we will certainly return again and again.  There is just about everything from baskets to hardware to footwear to step ladders…you name it and you will probably be able to find it here.

There is also ceramics, and in a pattern that I have been looking to find.  These “rooster” bowls come in assorted sizes and are hand painted in China.    After we made our selections and a list for a return visit, we were amazed by the shop keepers skill at the abacus.  Yes,….. he still uses an abacus and faster than I could do it on the calculator.   -xoJ

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  1. hi

    i am currently in hong kong and i am interested in buying some painted rooster bowls. would you kindly give me the address of the shop where you bought yours?


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