Living in the Mid-Levels


We had gotten a little “soft” after moving from Minneapolis.  We went from having a two-story house with gardening, a dog that we walked at least twice a day, plus all the intentional exercise to living in a much smaller flat with no stairs, no gardening and, sadly, no dog to walk. Oh yeah, then there was the car!

Thomas’s meet Honk Kong and a new way of living! Hong Kong Island is the largest of over 230 islands that make up Hong Kong and is surprisingly green and lush with many hills and mountains. Our neighborhood is in the Central Mid-Levels. To access the mid-levels, it is all up or downhill. Conveinently or thankfully, the world’s longest outdoor escalator system runs from top to bottom. Escalators run down in the early morning until 10:30 a.m. then reverse and run up for the remainder of the day until midnight. From top to bottom, the journey is over 800 m or 2,600 ft. The elevation gain is over 400 ft.  We have to ascend or descend several times a day and walk at least one direction. And since we have no car, there is significant walking involved everywhere to shop or commute to work etc. No soft life here!  –


2 thoughts on “Living in the Mid-Levels

  1. Whenever I walk up an escalator, I hop on one foot the entire time. I hope that you extend this tradition in Hong Kong. For fun, you can do it backwards.

    When I make my trip down, I always have a big sheet of cardboard handy. I sit on it and ride down super fast — it can be exhilarating.

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